We specialize in the art of Wall Texture. From the lightest texture called Orange peel to the heavy Knock Down texture. There are several different types of textures to choose from:

Knockdown is our most requested texture. Most new homes have a medium or light knockdown texture. A spray texture is applied and “knocked down” with a clean wide knife (or trowel) to create the desired effect. By varying the amount of texture applied and the pressure used during the knocking down process, knockdown texture can be varied from light to heavy, with Medium Knockdown being the most common.

Orange peel is our second most popular texture. Most walls have an orange peel texture applied the texture is applied as a spray with a special nozzle. – also called splatter, is the lightest texture. A combination of thin material, high air pressure, a small nozzle opening, and a rapid spraying motion creates small dots of texture on the wall.

Smooth finish is a skim coated layer applied by hand over your existing acoustic plaster or drywall. It creates a very clean elegant finish.

Splatter texture is applied as a sprayed material. The sprayed pattern can vary in coverage and depth. Approximately 50% of the wall area is covered with this texture.

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