Acoustic Removal: After the entire room is bagged off, the ceiling will be lightly sprayed with water to dampen the acoustic (popcorn) ceiling covering. Then the popcorn is scraped off to reveal unfinished drywall.

Drywall Finishing: This stage is the most crucial in the acoustic ceiling removal process. It is very important that a qualified drywall finisher handle this process because their skills will guarantee a quality finish on your ceilings. We will coat all your ceiling seams, joints, and nail holes for a smooth surface.
Texture Application: At this point your ceiling is smooth and ready for the texture to be applied. Drywall mud is applied by spraying it on the ceiling. Then the mud is flattened to create your desired texture.

Painting: Allow 24 hours for the texture to dry, then you can have Quality Interiors or your painter come in to prime and paint your ceilings. It is important for the texture to be dry before priming and painting because your paint could peel if the texture is wet. Ask about our painting services when your schedule a free in-home estimate. We only use Dunn – Edwards Paint and you can check out the color selection on this website just click PAINT


tape everything before removing popcorn ceiling
seal exit before working
plastic before scraping
acoustic texture removal

What we do

Drywall down in the ceiling and walls of kitchen
ceiling is ready
adding more walls
bye bye window, hello wall
finishing walls
adding mud to walls
new drywall
walls ready for mud
drywall is up time for mudding
no more popcorn ceiling on stairwell

Finished look

Refinished and painted cathedral ceiling in living room
Retextured ceiling and walls
New ceiling with fans
All doorways had rounded arches added
Kitchen with new cabinets & lightning
Replaced drywall on stairwell
Extra detail in molding on stairs
Same room after texture removal, though from a different angle
New paint on 14 foot ceiling and beam
Ceiling drywall replacement

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