Usually 1-2 week lead time to start a new job. An in-home estimate must be given first.

Most homes are completed in one day. This does not include the painting procedure (additional). The ceilings must cure for 48 hours before paint is applied.

The texturing styles include: orange peel, knockdown & skip-trowel.

Your new custom ceiling must cure for a period of time. The recommended time to enable an adequate cure is 48 hours.

The outcome of your ceiling will be largely determined by the type of paint that you or your painting contractor uses. Before you apply the paint you have selected as your finish, use primer. Many painting contractors will contend that primer is not necessary. Don’t make the mistake of skipping this step. You may have to paint all over again. Additionally, just any old primer will not do. The only primer that offers guaranteed results on an acoustic ceiling is an “oil based primer sealer”. There are many of these sealers out on the market. Two common sealers are Kilz or Zinsser, and can be purchased at any major paint supply or hardware store.

Ceilings that exceed 8 feet in height will be subject to additional charges. These rooms are charged according to difficulty. Your estimator will answer specific questions regarding these rooms.

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